Attn: Post Commanders/Post Treasurers.

It’s that time of the year again when Bases must submitted their annual End of the Year (EOY) Report to the National Treasurer.
The report is due not later than March 31, 2018.

This year’s report is in the same excel format as last’s years and is unchanged except for the reporting dates.
Your 2017 beginning balance is the same figure reported as your 2016 ending balance.

The report is posted on our website Within the left hand column, “Documents” and on the next page, then “forms”.
Then select “2017 EOY Report Form” under “Forms”. Download the form. Please read the general instructions before attempting to fill-out the form.
The first page of your report will start on page one. Once you complete that page, then proceed to page two to finalize your report. For those who has
not filled out the report in the past, certain boxes will populate boxes on page two. Please note that line 25 and 26 must match. When they match, the report is in balance.

Please save your report as an excel file and title it as “2017 (Name of Base) EOY report. Send the excel file as an attachment within an email direct to the following:

National Treasurer, Base Commander, District Commander

A hard copy is to be printed out, signed by the Base Treasurer and Base Commander. The original is retained by the Base Treasurer and copy is provided to the Base Secretary for record retention. This report will serve as your EOY financial report to Base members.

Please do not use excel forms from prior years. Changes have occurred over time and it is necessary to use only the current year form. If for any reason you can not download or need assistance, contact the National Treasurer.

Paul Hiser
National Treasurer