Apologies for this tardy notification.

The electronic version of the latest issue of the “American Submariner” magazine is now available through the website.

Log onto the the website and get to the ‘Home Page’.

On the ‘Home Page’ click on the second bright blue button along the left edge near the middle of the page to bring up the ‘American Submariner’ web page.

On the ‘American Submariner’ web page click on the top red button on the left edge of the page to bring up the current (new) issue of the magazine.

To make it easier to work with the magazine is broken into two sections and near the top of the current issue web page, in the center of the page there are links to each of the two sections.

Clicking on either of these two links will open a new browser tab to display the Adobe (.pdf) version of that half of the magazine.

You can also bring up any back issue (back through 2005) of the “American Submariner” for review by using the buttons along the left edge of the ‘American Submariner’ web page.

If you are still getting a hard copy the “American Submariner” magazine through the mail and are willing to forego it to see the electronic version of the magazine only, thus saving our organization the cost of the magazine and the postage fee, please contact the National Office to make the change.