Frank Hood here. Vice Commander, Marblehead Base.
Most sub vets would agree, that civilians have no idea what we went through, what we endured.
To increase understanding, my brother and I have written a book about day-to-day life aboard a US Navy submarine.
Fellow sub vets would enjoy reading it, because the book’s details will take them back to their days on the boat, and the funny stories add spice.
It is written in language that civilians will understand, so once a vet has read it, he can pass it on to his children, so they can understand what he went through.
The Title of the book is: “Poopie Suits and Cowboy Boots – Tales of a Submarine Officer During the Height of the Cold War”
We have designated that all proceeds go to the USSVI Scholarship Fund – to help kids and grandkids of our Brothers of the Phin.
Would you let your membership know about the book? Put a reference to it in your Base Newsletter?
Here is the easy way to order it.
Go to or and type in “poopie suits” near the search spyglass.
There are 3 options: e-book, a soft back or hard cover version.
The Amazon version even allows the reader to adjust font size to make it easier to read.
There is also a version for the Mac or Iphone at
Shipmates can read the first 115 pages of the book for free on the Blurb ebook option page.
I am attaching Chap 11 for your perusal so you can see what is in the book.
Thank you for mentioning this to your membership.
Straight Board,
Frank Hood