It is unfortunate we must send this message, but clarification is needed in addressing a situation where we have several of our members that are attempting to or have book(ed) passage for our 2018 Convention Cruise through a travel service other than Kim Hedges with AAA, who is our designated agent.

The expense and benefits (meeting rooms, hospitality suite, vendor space, etc.) that USSVI incurs/needs to host the upcoming Cruise is no different than any past landlocked convention. Both the expense and benefits are regulated up or down by the number of people that register through the hosting facility we have in place at that particular event. For the 2018 Cruise that facility is Kim Hedges at AAA Washington. Any bookings outside of AAA will not be registered for the convention and credited to USSVI, which means their attendance does nothing for our organization.

Guys, do not try to save a couple of bucks by backdooring a booking through a friends or relatives travel agent, you will not be registered and issued a name tag required to participate in our events and will not be able to participate in any of the convention activities including use of the Hospitality & Vendor Room.

We would like to see all of you attend this cruise, but please do not attempt to ride the backs of your shipmates and support our organization by going through the proper channels to register. Please note: No Registration Fees after the Cruise casts off.

If you have not done so already, you can register by going to:

Click on the Cruise Registration Button/Register Now
Fill out the form and submit the form along with your deposit.
If you have any questions or comments, please address them to me instead of Bill Andrea, he is only the messenger, not the author of this message.
Regards and hope to see all of you in Fort Lauderdale on October 21st.
Wayne Standerfer
Note: If you have already booked through another agent, you still have time to cancel without a penalty.