The following was received from the WWI Centennial Commission and is forwarded for your information:

I am writing on behalf of David Hamon, the Military & Veterans Service Organization Coordinator for the World War I Centennial Commission, a Non Profit Federal Organization dedicated to building a National Memorial for the Service men and women of the Great War.

Next week the U. S. Mint will officially release for sale the World War I Centennial Silver Dollar to honor the 4.7 Million who served. (See Link below)

If you, or any member of your Military/Veteran Service organization is interested in the coin, it will available beginning Wednesday, January 17.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Hamon at if you have any questions about this or our organization.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


Caitlin Hamon

Volunteer Staff Assistant
US World War One Centennial Commission
(202) 380-0725

They Deserve Their Own Memorial